Bench Top Sterilisers

FOB 2&3 TS: Small Bench-Top Sterilisers (Horizontal)

Fedegari moved into the lab market in the 1980’s with their range of horizontal laboratory steam sterilisers, taking with them their industrial pharmaceutical knowledge and experience. Applying the same high quality attitude to the design and manufacture of their laboratory range, Fedegari have created a portfolio of machines to meet all standards and regulations.

The FOB units are the smallest horizontal steam sterilisers that Fedegari manufacture. They boast an attractive, functional and ergonomic design with highly innovative modularity giving a fully flexible configuration. Ensuring safe, fast and reliable processing with excellent quality standards and advanced technology, they have a wide range of suitable applications for any modern laboratory where quality cannot be compromised.

Key features
  • Superior quality of materials and finishing ensuring long term reliability and process safety
  • Pressure vessel constructed from 316L sanitary grade stainless steel in Fedegari’s main factory
  • Easy installation to fixed or sliding bench with quick connections to utilities
  • High level of programming and application flexibility with fully configurable cycles
  • Multilevel password management for authorized access only
  • Wide, easily accessible technical area for regular maintenance and emergency
  • Energy recovery system for preheating water to the steam generator
  • Graphic style display for process monitoring
  • Available in single and double door (pass through) configurations


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Model Overview
 Model Type Chamber Dimensions
‎ØxD mm.
Overall Dimensions
(WxDxH) mm.
Useful Capacity
FOB2-TS 1-door 400 x 600 730 x 900 x 1020 47
FOB2S-TS 2-doors 400 x 900 800 x 900 x 1050 75
FOB3-TS 1-door 500 x 700 830 x 990 x 1020 90
FOB3S-TS 2-doors 500 x 900 900 x 990 x 1310 122

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