Olsa’s Range of Rotary Mixers

In the preparation and handling of raw materials for chemical and pharmaceutical industry, mixing is generally a cumbersome step and substantially affects production costs, both for time and labour involved. The Rotary Drum mixers, model MD, overcome the technical and economic problems.

Product Features
  • cutting of mixing time in comparison with conventional mixing chambers
  • cutting of labour required because of the easy and quick loading and un-loading of the product, which is carried out through a large hatchway
  • reduction, at the same operating capacity, of the overall dimensions of the unit
  • obtaining the highest operating efficiency, easiest cleaning and inspection, straightforward use and control

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Preparing for Brexit

We pride ourselves on supporting our customers especially through this turbulent time. We are developing a plan to limit the impact of Brexit so you can be assured our support will not be affected. 


We are Stockpiling service kits in Ireland for all our SLA customers and increasing our critical spares held within Ireland, criticality based around usage levels and risks.


We are allowing for some delays due to border entry points within our planning & logistics control.


As we aim to service equipment predominantly from our Irish team of Operations Engineers, Brexit should not interrupt service levels. Our principal suppliers are from Italy in the EU so any additional support labour is also not a concern.


All our Irish customers payments will be processed via our Euro bank account so will not be affected by exchange rate risks.