Combined Washer-Sterilisers

Fedegari Combined Washer-Sterilisers – The FOWS Range

Another absolute unique and original solution, designed for improving and simplifying all cleaning requirements when the loads need to enter a controlled-contamination environment.

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Product Features
  • Load from sterile side for washing
  • Withdrawal from the non-sterile side for bagging & sealing of openings
  • Reloading for pass-through sterilisation through to the sterile suite
  • Pure steam can be applied to pre-heat loads with viscous contaminants
  • Vacuum drying replaces hot air drying which is energy-hungry and has attendant problems of extraction of large volumes of hot humid air

All Fedegari washer-sterilisers come with a complete SIP capability, sterilising all water recirculating lines. Fedegari washer-sterilisers can also be operated independently as conventional saturated steam autoclaves or as conventional ultra washers.

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Preparing for Brexit

We pride ourselves on supporting our customers especially through this turbulent time. We are developing a plan to limit the impact of Brexit so you can be assured our support will not be affected. 


We are Stockpiling service kits in Ireland for all our SLA customers and increasing our critical spares held within Ireland, criticality based around usage levels and risks.


We are allowing for some delays due to border entry points within our planning & logistics control.


As we aim to service equipment predominantly from our Irish team of Operations Engineers, Brexit should not interrupt service levels. Our principal suppliers are from Italy in the EU so any additional support labour is also not a concern.


All our Irish customers payments will be processed via our Euro bank account so will not be affected by exchange rate risks.